Silicone Wristband: Raise People’s Awareness

The awareness wristbands are known as the “Easy to identify”. It is helpful to raise people’s awareness. It would be benefited to being the link among the people who are having the same value when people are wearing the same color or same design wristbands about an organization. If the silicone wristbands are able to indicate that the wearers are a part of the organization, it would be a link among the people who are working hard and working together for a same career.

The first awareness bracelet in the world is livestrong wristband. It is a kind of charity wristbands, which is used to encourage the cancer patients never give up treatment. The project of yellow silicone wristband is founded by Nike Company and the Livestrong Foundation, which was set up by Lance Armstrong in 1997. As same as the game between Lance and Kelly, it is a kind of encouragement to the patients with cancer. ‘CANCER’= ‘Courage’+’Attitude’+’Never give up’+’Curability’+’Enlightenment’+’Remembrance of fellow patients’

There are a lot of people knowing the panic of cancerous person because of livestrong bracelet. More and more people are taking part in the CancerCare Activities, a lot of patients are bravely and adamantly to accept the treatments because of these activities. What’s more, some medical researches are supported by donations for finding out the therapeutic schedules of cancer.

Since people prefer to keep showing their support, the custom silicone wristband change into the popular choice of raising awareness. It is so light and handy, what’s more, almost all silicone wristbands are the durable products. They can be worn and taken off for times and times. Because our custom silicone bracelets are having plenty ways of customizing, they are one of the best promotional products in the low price. You can use them to show your unity or show your support. You also can use them to raise money for the public welfare you work for.

In you charity activity, you can order the cheap custom wristbands from Topwristband to promote your concept. For example, if you have the concept of respecting people’s willing about keeping social distance, you can use the social distancing wristbands to promote it. You can utilize the custom silicone wristbands in high color recognition. Such as the red wristbands, yellow wristbands and green wristbands. People would be easily to know if others want to keep social distance or not. It will to some extents slow the virus spreading, and it will help people to respect others’ willing of social distancing.

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Awareness Wristband Color Standards and Months

In different organizations or in different society, there are some colors having their special meaningful. Or there are some special colors standing for the special awareness.

Light Pink: breast cancer, women’s health
Hot Pink: inflammatory breast cancer, cleft palate, gendercide
Red: heart disease, stroke, substance abuse, AIDS, MADD
Maroon: multiple myeloma, sickle cell disease, brain aneurysm

Because of the significant effect of awareness wristbands in the society, there are more charity organizations beginning to order the custom made wristbands as the personalized souvenirs for the participators of the activity. These cheap silicone wristbands could show your charity career to more people. It is not only showing to the families and friends of the participators, but also showing to the strangers who saw the pictures of your custom souvenirs online. This is the most obviously effect of the custom wristbands in the charity activity.

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