Breast Cancer Awareness: Fight Breast Cancer Together

- By Topwristband

To welcome the Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 2020, Topwristband also want to do something for raising people’s breast cancer awareness. We will originate an activity, which is called ‘Fight Breast Cancer Together’. This activity will last From Now To October 31st, 2020. We have prepared some Gift Bags for you!

How To Get The Gift Bag?

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3. One order, one Gift Bag

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What Will Be In The Gift Bag?

2 PCS Breast Cancer Silicone Bracelets, 2 PCS Breast Cancer Awareness Buttons and 2 PCS Black and White Lanyards

Wearing them and introducing the Breast Cancer Awareness month to your friends, to your neighbors and to the strangers. Only when people are pay attention to it, people can prevent it with exercise. Let more people know about it!

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Breast cancer is the big threaten of health to the females. The breast cancer means the malignant tumor on the galactophore. Data display that 99% patients of breast cancer are females. During the early stage of breast cancer, the DCIS would not immediate danger to life or health. Since the cancer cells are not similar to the common cells. They are easy to come off and transfer to other place through blood and lymph.

According to the survey, there is one breast cancer patient in eight females in some countries. The breast cancer has been the serious public health problems in the society nowadays. It is more and more important to raise people’s awareness of breast cancer. Evelyn H. Lauder and Penney originated the Global Campaign Against Breast Cancer in 1992. This campaign caught the public’s attention successfully. Since the Pink Ribbon Campaign in 1992, each October is called ‘The Breast Cancer Awareness Month’ all over the world. This is the reason why you always see the breast cancer awareness buttons and breast cancer awareness bracelets every year.

As we all know, the medical awareness bracelet plays an important role in raising people’s awareness of keeping health. The personalized wristbands with the theme of breast cancer awareness can catch people’s attention. So that people would know more about this disease. Except for using the breast cancer awareness wristband to promote the awareness, the charity organizations would use the thematic personalized button pins as souvenirs. Personalized button is different from the custom silicone bracelets, you can design your creative illustration on the surface of the custom buttons. They would deepen the public’s knowledge of the breast cancer.

In a lot of countries and areas, there are many females unwilling to do the breast check because of the fusty conceptions of gender. In these places, it is much more necessary to correct their wrong concepts by the breast cancer keepsakes. Put the sentence ‘Hide Nothing From Your Doctor’ on your breast cancer awareness month bracelets. Gift them to people in your activity, these breast cancer awareness silicone bracelets will remind people that the escapism would not make them recovery.

And some patients are misguided by the film and television works. They believe that there is only one therapeutic method, which is the physical removal. For keeping the beautiful bodies, they are unwilling to go to a doctor. To this situation, you can use the custom button pins to change their minds. Create some illustrations about breast cancer treatment methods, and use them when you are ordering the custom photo buttons. When people see these interesting illustrations, they will relieve their worries about seeking medical advice from a doctor.