Low Price But Good Quality

A lot of organizers of activities are facing contradictory problems like ‘You can’t have your cake and eat it too’. They are unable to avoid using custom souvenirs to promote their business in the activities. To lower the cost of the activity, people would always prefer using cheap personalized souvenirs to promote their brand in the activities. But they have to think about the quality question of these cheap personalized souvenirs. People stick to the principle of ‘The quality determining the price’. They are always not trusting the quality of the cheap souvenirs.

There are some people who believe that it is not a good idea to buy cheap souvenirs. It is the common misunderstanding we would make. This is the traditional ideology in people’s minds. We always think that if merchandise is sold at a low price, it must be of bad quality. Therefore, people are not willing to order cheap custom wristbands when they are ordering the custom silicone wristbands. People would keep thinking that the expensive price means the product is of good quality. This is the reason why branded products are much easier to sell in the market. How interesting it is!

Actually, the quality of most personalized souvenirs is not able to be judged by their price. To lower the cost of activity, the money of buying souvenirs with a limited budget. People usually choose the cheap silicone wristband, cheap custom button pins and cheap custom jewelry as the event souvenirs. But people are still choosing the custom made souvenirs on the basis of the price. They would choose cheap personalized souvenirs, but they would not choose the cheapest one. They think that the cheapest customized souvenir items might destroy their activity because of the quality problems.

There is old news that crosses my mind. A few years ago, Richard Liu, the Chairman and CEO of JD, talked about how to solve the problem of fake goods when he was interviewed by Caixin.com. He said that if a LV purse was sold at a price lower than ¥5000, the LV purse would be fake. There is a logical problem in his theory, he only thinks that fake goods would be sold at a lower price, but he neglects the fake would be sold at a price higher than ¥5000.

How interesting they are! The first one makes the higher price product equal to the good quality, and the last one makes the higher price fake equal to the brand product. Both of them would not make sense to give us suitable advice when we are too irresolute to buy something.

We always care about the quality of the products, and we do care about the price of the goods at the same time. There are a lot of products that come from China at a lower price. You might worry about their quality. We all know that Japanese people would pay most of their attention to the quality of products. There is a Japanese TV program interviewing some average people about how many made-in-China products are in their daily lives. And most interviewees emphasized that they had not bought any products which were made in China. Because they believe that the low price of the products from China would not be in good quality. But the result of this research is most of the products they are using come from China.

Some people say that cheap personalized souvenirs are different to the commonly used products. They believe that disposable goods don’t have strict quality inspection. They are afraid these souvenirs would destroy their activity because of the quality problems. What’s more, these customized souvenirs are standing for the quality of their products. If you want to order cheap but good quality souvenirs for your activity, you need to cooperate with a dependable souvenir maker, such as Topwristband.com.

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It is difficult to deny that there are a lot of bad quality products in the market, whose products are sold at a low price. But the low price is not the culprit who makes bad quality products.

Editor: Topwristband