The Global Day for ALS is on 21st June. The Global Day is beginning from 1997. Why is June 21 in each year? It is not a random date for this global day. June 21st is a solstice-a turning point. It stands for the best wishes to the people with ALS. In each ALS Global Day, the ALS/MND community would hold a lot of activities. People are hoping that this day would also be a turning point to the people with ALS. They hope to find out the cause of disease and the methods of treatment.

     This global day aims to support the work of helping the people with ALS. So that they can raise people’s awareness on this disease. This disease is a global problem that influence more than 400,000 of the world’s population and lead to 100,000 deaths every year. Thousands of activities would be held on in the whole world. “One Global Team, One Goal: a world free of ALS/MND” is the motto of these activities. They are held in different places, held by different organizations and faced with different audiences, but they all have the same goal: Raising people’s awareness of this disease.

     In 2014, Pete Frates, who was the ballplayer from Boston College, initiated the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for raising people’s awareness about ALS. Mark Zuckerberg had took part in this challenge. This challenge asks the participators upload the Vlog, which is about they splashing the ice water on themselves. And then they can ask others to participate this challenge. In the rules of this activity, the invitees could rise to the challenge within 24 hours or choose to donate $100 for against ALS. This activity aims to let more people know about this unusual disease, and it is able to rise money for treating the people with ALS.

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