The Source of Day of The Dead

  • "Death is not the end of life, but the starting point of the new life."
  • "The people of the world of the dead can still live brilliantly: just like their earthly counterparts, they can be happy and sad, they can be full of food, they can dress and wear hats, they can get married, they can have children, they can eat hot food, they can do their jobs and the things between them and people are that they don't have pain, trouble and pressure, and they don't have to run for daily necessities."All Saints' Day is the traditional festival of the Catholic Church. While, this day also is the Day of the Dead in Mexico. Mexican would hold a memorial ceremony for the Dead Children on Nov. 1st, and they would hold another one for the Dead Adults on Nov. 2nd. Some of them would use the customized button or customized wristband to commemorate their dead relatives.
  • The Opinion of Death
  • On the basis of the Indian Ancient Culture, except the world human live in, there are two world existing in the universe. The souls of deceased people would go to the border of the world, and enter the endless loop of the universe. As same as the movie, Coco, death is not the end of the life, but the starting point of the new life. Even though the person had already dead, he is still alive in others memories and spirits.
  • Even though their life is gone from this world, they still alive in people’s minds. This is the reason why it is necessary to use the personalized souvenirs to cherish the memory of them. The custom rubber bracelets with the pet phrase of the departed or the photo button with the beautiful picture of departed would make you remembering their interesting souls.
  • People believe in the dead people would revive from the underground world on the day of the dead. So that they can meet their families on the man's world, and people would welcome them with a joyful emotion. What are their feelings of seeing the customized souvenirs about them when they firstly go back home after many years? Happiness, right?
  • A Copy of the World, the Paradise in the Hell
  • This optimistic view of death is the reason why Mexican would fall over themselves for using the skull to stand for the dead. The pumpkin lamp is the symbol of All Saints' Day, but the La Catrina is the pronoun of the Day of the Dead. No one knows the view of the world after death, but the Day of the Dead really make people having an infinite imagine to that world.
  • "Death is not the end of life, but the starting point of the new life"
    "Please remember me before the memory of love disappearing."
  • Especially during Nov. 1st and Nov. 2nd, people are immersed in the hilarity of skull party with the name of dead. In this party, people would dress up themselves as the skulls to celebrate this day. And some of them would put on the custom button pins with skull logos in the traditional parade.
  • Day of The Dead Skull Painting
  • First, the Large skull sculptures show up on the Central Plaza of the Mexico City.
  • No matter the sandy roadside markets or the exquisite stores, the day of the dead paintings and skull dolls are everywhere in the city. You would never forget the images with the empty eye sockets, the long warped up eyelash, the large thighbone outside the bubble skirt and the bright red lips around the bulgy teeth ... The Mexican skeleton face paint are everywhere in this day. And the personalized buttons are all painted with skull.
  • Each citizen would make up as a skull between high noon and sunset. The people on the streets are all looking like the bloodsucker or the skull. Because they are dressing the traditional clothes of Yucatán and some of them are wearing the custom silicone bracelets about the person they are longing to see again. This is the reason why this day is called the day of the dead skeleton.
    (It is said that the person who is standing near you is the one comes back from the World Of Undead.)
  • The Bread of The Dead
  • Since you have to share it with your familiars, the bread is in a huge size normally.
  • This is a kind of bread with Tequila. There are some aniseed put into the dough, and they would sprinkle a lot of powdered sugar on the surface. When you eat it, you can taste the slight citrus. There is a special thing of the bread is that it has the shapes of skull. This shape is said that it stands for the circulation of life.
  • Around the Day of the Dead, almost all bakeries in Mexico would sell the bread of death. You can choose the size and the taste of the bread.
  • You are unable to eat this delicious bread at any time, because it normally would be sold between the middle of July and November. In the local of Mexico, there are few bakeries would only sell the bread of the death. Of course, if you really like the bread in other days, you can make a custom pin badge with its high-definition picture. You can see it at any time you want.