Awareness Wristbands

- Beginning From Livestrong Wristband

15 years ago, you might think the following things as the signs of popular: the trucker hats, studded belts, gaucho pants and velour tracksuits, etc. However, all of them are not the most popular things in the first 10 years of 21st century. The thing can catch most people’s attention is the debossed silicone wristband with the word “Livestrong”.

The earliest livestrong wristbands are also called lance armstrong wristband or armstrong wristband. They are used to enriching people’s knowledge about cancer, advocate people to concern the cancerous person and raise funds to support the cancer researches of the medical institutions. These funds are not only coming from the plutocratic donation, but also coming from selling livestrong rubber bracelets.

The special of the Livestrong wristband is that these wristbands are the public welfare wristbands. The money earn from selling these wristbands would be used to help the cancerous person and the studies of cancer. Wearing it means more than “being on trend”, it also means that you are supporting what they work hard for.

This kind of yellow wristband is the first popular awareness bracelets as the cancer awareness bracelets. It is approved by public. More and more patients are beginning to pay attention to these patients. There are a lot of cancer patients having the better treatment for this reason. What’s more, because of the fund supporting, the researches of cancer treatment are having progress than before. These are the value of cancer awareness bracelets in the charity careers.

Since the success and widespread attention the bands garnered, this concept of silicone wristband spread globally in a short time. There are a lot of philanthropic organizations and Non-Profit Organizations started to combine the color of their organizations with the wristbands. They wished that it would raise people’s awareness and generating support with funds.

With the development of society, there are more and more awareness wristbands used to raise people’s awareness of diseases. Some charity organizations would use the pink silicone wristband as the breast cancer awareness silicone bracelets. What’s more, There are more and more organizers would use the social distancing wristband to raise people’s awareness of keeping social distance in their activities, such as the red wristbands, yellow rubber wristbands and green wristbands. And the charity wristbands are becoming the common custom souvenirs in the charity activities.

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