Event Souvenir Makes Memory Forever

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The customized souvenirs are the excellent tools for advertising. If you want people to keep a thing as a meaningful souvenir, you should let this thing to be meaningful to them. A commemorative activity? Get it after hard-working? Or what is this thing standing for? These are the questions you should care about when you are designing the souvenirs. You should connect the souvenirs to your career

In our life, the most common custom souvenir is the activity wristband. In various personalized souvenirs, the custom wristbands are always in the good graces of the event organizers. Because the cheap custom wristbands can help them to lower incur expense, so that they can arrange more budget on event programs. It would make the activity in a higher quality. What’s more, because the promotional wristbands can be worn on the wrists, they become one by one little billboards. They are more useful than 100 advertising posts on the social media. When a brand name is known and talked about by more people, the brand name effect is more obvious.

Silicone Wristbands

The customized silicone wristband is a good option. Since they are in the low price and you can use them encouraging people to wear them. If you use the thematic wristbands on your activity, the participators will wear it for being a part of this activity. The wristbands on their wrists would pass them clear information about your brand. What’s more, they are probably would keep wearing your wristbands after the activity. The advertising bracelets are the free advertisement to your business.

Because these rubber advertising bracelets are useful on promotion, they are also called marketing bracelets. Normally they would be used in the marketing campaigns, and they are given to the spectators as the brand souvenirs for free. But some events’ organizers are using the personalized silicone wristbands as the memories souvenir. These personalized rubber bracelets mainly applied to the charity activities and activities on the days of commemoration. Almost all organizers would design the charity awareness on the wristbands when they are customizing wristband. So that the wristbands can raise people’s attention and cognition about the awareness.

Button Pins

People, especially the youths, are always being attracted with the little souvenirs, which are in beautiful. No matter the item is meaningful to them or not. It is collectable to them if it is beautiful. Printing your brand on the surface of them with an exquisite design. The participators of your activity will keep it for a long time. And they will flaunt it with their friends.

While this kind of little souvenirs always is the custom photo button. Because the personalized photo buttons are the easiest design custom made souvenirs. There are fewer limitations of designing when you are ordering the customized button. You can design the custom button pins on the basis of your ideas in 1-3 inch. What’s more, you can design a beautiful picture on the surface of the promotional buttons with the theme of your activity. It will let your activity more attractive.

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Bottle Openers

A branded bottle opener is a great option for your business. Who don’t love the beautiful and useful things? People are always looking for the bottle opener when they really need. But if you send them a beautiful and little opener, which can be putting into their key ring, they would love to walk out with it for years. What kind of effect it will bring to you?


Custom lanyard is not common in people’s private lives. But they can be seen everywhere in a company. To some extent, the lanyards are standing for the corporate image especially when there are some customers going to your company firstly.

In the activities, the personalized lanyards are usually used as the staff identification. The lanyard with logo is not only used as the brand lanyard, which means they can be the unique identification of the staffs in the activity. Because your logo lanyards are customized by yourself from the professional lanyard maker. It is impossible to predict your lanyard style and design in advance by others. So that it would help you to avoid others pretending the staffs to cheat your customers.

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Make it Interesting

There is a serious mistake of thinking that design a souvenir only by slapping the logo on it. And expect that this kind of souvenir would be a great marketing tool. Who is willing to get outside with a business card of other person? You need to design the souvenirs in an interesting and attractive way. Such as a humorous slogan on the silicone wristband, a customized button with the beautiful picture and the wonderful lanyard designs. All of them should be related to your business in an imperceptible way. It will always bring you a surprise effect.

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