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As we all know, there are more and more companies and charity organizations would use the custom wristbands as the memorial keepsakes in their activities. Normally, they would design their logos on the wristbands, so that there are more people would know about them.

Since the personalized souvenirs are more and more effective in different kinds of activities, the custom silicone wristbands are developing to more styles. The personalized wristbands are different to the live strong wristband, they are having a lot of wristband styles. People are designing them as the embossed wristband, debossed color filled silicone wristband and embossed printed wristbands.

If the activities were holding at night, the organizers prefer the glow in the dark wristbands. But is it bad for our health? Find out the answers after knowing more about the glow in the dark wristband.

This is the biggest question what people doubt with the glow in the dark bracelet. The basic method of dispelling doubts from the public is let people know the processes of producing wristbands and the rudiment of lighting. To better understand the concept of it, we talk about the producing of the normal wristband firstly. The normal wristband with a message is produced with a draft of the product. The production worker would mix the mixed pigment with the silicone material on the basis of the draft. After using the mixed material to produce the rudiment of the wristband, they will process it on the basis of the draft. So that the message and logos appear on the wristband as you wanted. This is the reason why the manufacturer always asks you to confirm the draft when you design your own bracelet.

Not all the luminous things are supported by power. Glow in the dark silicone wristband is also called fluorescent silicone wristband. It is using the fluorescent powder in the material of silicone wristband. When the factory is mixing the raw material before producing, they would add the fluorescent powder in proportion. After using the custom-made mold to bake the wristbands out.

The fluorescent powder is not needed the power source to shine at night. It will absorb all kinds of lights and release the lights at night. These wristbands are no radiation and no explosive danger. Normally it would not damage your health unless you eat them all. For your health, never try to do this.

The fluorescent powder is a kind of luminescent material, which is having a special crystal structure. It has the powerful ability to absorb lights, saving lights, and glowing slowly in the dark. After exposing in the light for 5 minutes, the wristbands can keep glowing in the dark for more than 12 hours. The process of absorbing and releasing lights can be repeated countless times. Theoretically, the service life of the glow in dark wristband is more than 20 years.

These custom silicone bracelets are more and more popular to people. Because of their portability and durability, these cheap custom wristbands are becoming the little billboards in people’s lives. There are a lot of companies would increase brand awareness by sending these personalized silicone bracelets in activities.

Do you want a cool activity at night? Why not use the glow in dark wristbands in the activity as the memorial gifts? The youth would love it, and they would shake their hands when the full swing is coming. Make your activity with the beautiful lights as the impression in people’s minds, it would help you to leave them a great impression about your brand.

Imagine the follow situation:

The DJ has tried his best to make the atmosphere the highest enough, your guests are only hanging up their hands in the dark to follow the music. When you are taking a video to promote your brand on the internet, you can not photograph people’s hands in the dark. How sadly it is! But if you are using the glow in dark wristbands as the gift for your guest, it will be different. Although you can not photograph people’s hands, the wristbands are glowing like the stars in the dark. How a great video it will be!

What are you still waiting for? Come customizing the special souvenirs for your activity.