Souvenirs: The International Workers' Day

  • As we all know, the International Workers’ Day has been existed more than 130 years since 1889. Do you want to express your great respect to the laborers of all over the world? What about order some Customized Souvenirs to show your respect? Customize some remembrance day souvenirs for this day would be a good idea.
  • Are you preparing some labour day activities in school to celebrate this International workers’ Day? There are some personalized souvenirs are perfect to your activities. Such as the customized wristband and custom button pins. In your daily life, you might know about custom souvenir. Because they are the cheap personalized souvenirs, there are many event organizers would use them to advertise their brands. Why don’t you use these custom made souvenirs to raise people’s cognition of International Worker’s Day?
  • Design these customized keepsakes by yourselves would be more sincere and respectful. Think about if you are giving these custom rubber bracelets and custom button to your staffs on the day of the International Workers' Day, they will be surprised and have the feel of happiness. Your employees would know they are respected by you. Who would not work hard for a humanistic enterprise?
  • When we use the personalized keepsakes as gifts, there is a new corporate culture - The culture of respecting laborer. This kind of culture is not only help to raising the labor enthusiasm of employees, but also being the powerful assistant of brand promoting. This is totally different from any brand souvenirs. It is the reason why we should pay attention to the follow things when we are customizing the souvenirs. So that the keepsakes can have a better effect.
  • First, if you want to order the wristbands with a message, it is important to have the cooperation with a good wristband maker. There are many manufacturers of silicone wristbands all over the world. But you need to find out the high quality wristbands’ maker. Our website ( receives a lot of praises from the customers. A high quality wristband can attract the employees to wear. If the wristband is not good at quality, it is possible to make the negative effect of brand promotion.
  • Secondly, you should have a good design on your personalized buttons if you want to order the custom button badge. You should design it on the basis of the activity and your corporate brand. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t a suitable design, you can make them as the custom photo buttons with the picture of your employees. When you want them to put your souvenirs in a conspicuous position in their lives, you can order the custom magnet button. So that they will use it as the fridge magnet, their guests would easily find out your brand.
  • Thirdly, you should decide the usage of the souvenirs before placing the order. If you are working for popularize the details of Trade Union, you can use the custom silicone bracelets and custom pin badge to publicize the effect of the Trade Union in the society. Show the public how your Trade Union works as the communication bridge between employers and employees. Using the personalized memorial keepsakes with the logo of the Trade Union would deepen the public's impression.
  • If you want to remind people to maintain a healthy lifestyle during workdays and rest days, you can order the rested souvenirs. It would remind you to have a healthy lifestyle when you see these personalized wristbands or custom made buttons.