Mental Health: Raise People’s Awareness About it

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The mental health is an important factor of impacting people’s physical health. People’s psychological states are able to make people in sick. If a person has the unhealthy psychological states for a long time, it will lead to the endocrine unbalance. This situation would make body resistance decreased and cause disease to happen. The WHO takes the mental health as one of the basic elements when we are measuring the health.

With the development of the society, the economic pressures, employment pressure and social contradictions are more and more influencing people’s mental states. Nowadays, the increasing social contradictions make people’s psychological problems more and more serious. It results in a higher crime rate. There are more and more violent crime are because of the psychological diseases. It is too late if we still don’t pay attention to the psychological problems.

On the basis of the data from WHO, there were 322 million patient with depression all over the whole world in 2015. The quantity of them is increasing 18.4% from 2005 to 2015. And there were 788 thousand people died of suicide. Therefore, there are more and more charity organizations beginning to pay attention to the psychiatric patients in recent years. This is the reason why a lot of fundraiser bracelets, like anxiety wristband, OCD awareness bracelet and depression awareness bracelets, are familiar to us.

As same as the medical wristband, people use the allergies bracelet to raising the awareness of public. The diabetics wear the diabetic alert bracelet to inform the first-aid personnel that they are the diabetics. And the food allergy bracelet can remind the patients what kind of food they can’t eat.

No matter the mental health awareness wristband or the mental health button, both of them are used to remind people caring for the psychiatric patients around them. Others’ concern are the effective medicine to these patient.

Why don’t we use the mental health bracelets to show others they are the psychiatric patients? Although it could help them to get the correct treatment at time by showing their diseases, it would deepen the illness. Because public are not able to have a correct understanding about the psychological illness, the symbolic mental health wristband would make the public discriminate against these patients. It is not good for the patients’ recovery. Using the mental health awareness bracelet is able to break the public misunderstanding of psychological illness and attract more people to help these patients.

Because the psychological illnesses are not easy to find out, and they not the self-cure disease. The persons who are not familiar with them are not able to detected them at an incipient stage. What’s more, because people are not able to be treated only by taking medicine, most patients are at the stage of deterioration. In this stage, the mental interventions couldn’t have an effective treatment. This is the reason why not all patients can get rid of the influence from psychological illness. This is the reason why the mental health silicone wristband appearing in recently years.

For example, the depression awareness bracelets can raise the public’s awareness of depressive disorder. So that people can find out the depression patients around them, and then they can bring them to get treatment before exacerbation. The stress and anxiety bracelet would enhance people’s understanding of anxiety disorder. When the friend who has the illness attack first time, you can tell the doctor his/her recent mental state. So that it can avoid misdiagnosed by doctor.

On the basis of the global research from WHO, most patients receive treatment 10 years after they were having the symptoms of OCD. It is not only increasing the difficulty of treatment, but also influence the patients’ health lives seriously. The OCD wristband could remind the patients should go to hospital as soon as possible, so that it can help them have a better live.

And we also can find out the autism awareness bracelets, suicide awareness bracelet and no one fights alone bracelets in our lives. These awareness bracelets are used to advocate the public paying more attention to their friends and families. The caring and supporting are the effective medicines to help the psychiatric patients.