What Customized Souvenirs Can Do When Disaster Comes?

Disasters are always appearing without forebode. When we are facing it, we will find out that our lives are so weak and unable. A fire, a flood or an earthquake would bring one after another life. In human eyes, the disasters are huge monsters, and people are difficult to fight against. We can only survive between our fingers.
Can awareness wristbands help us when we face a disaster? Absolutely not! But the custom silicone wristbands and personalized button pins can let more people know how to survive from the disasters. This is what the custom silicone wristbands and custom pinback buttons can do for people.

The Fire Disaster
When we find a fire hazard, if we can stamp it out by ourselves, we can extinguish it by using tools near us, such as the fire hydrant. If the intensity of a fire is out of control, you need to give an alarm and escape rationally. Firstly, if you are staying in the high rise of the building and the stairs are blocked by the fire, you should never use the lift to the ground. You can move to the top-level of the building, and report to the firefighters. When you are moving, you should look for the exit passageway to the nearby building for survival.

If you are unable to find an escape way, you can wait for rescue or gather the tough coverlets and clothes. And using them to make a simple survival rope, so that you can slow down to the ground. What's more, you can choose to escape by jumping off a building when your life is facing a grave threat from the fire. But it is the final choice, don't do that early. Before you do this, you should communicate with the firefighters. Secondly, if you are getting out through the escape way, you should bend down while you are moving, or not you will inhale too much toxic smog, which would damage your health. Therefore, you should make your face closer to the ground and cover your nose and mouth with a wet towel.

When we are preparing the activity of fire-fighting knowledge, we can order some thematic cheap silicone wristbands and photo button pins. So that we can let more people know how to escape from the fire scene. What’s more, the interesting designs on these custom souvenirs can attract kids’ attention. It would help them to escape from dangers in the critical moment.

The Flood Disaster
When the flood is coming, you should try your best to move to a place high. And using the sandbags to plug up the crack between a door and its frame. It would slow down the speed of water inflow the house, so that you could get more time to save your life from the flood. What if there is no high building near you? If the little house is unable to protect you from the flood, you should find a float for yourself, and stay in the corner of the wall, which is the impact face of the building.
Absolutely, the custom souvenirs are unable to protect you directly when the flood is coming. But if you can utilize the personalized button pins well, they might be able to remind you of ways of self-rescue. You can design your own buttons with illustrations about self-help measures. If you put these custom pinback buttons on the personal survival kit, the illustrations will make you calm down when the flood comes. If you are unable to escape, they can remind you how to save your life.

The Earthquake Disaster
First, during the earthquake, you have 12 seconds to get away from the buildings. In these 12 seconds, if you are in a low house, you could run outside as quickly as possible. If you are in a high rise building, you should never jump from the building. You should turn the power down, and hide in places with a small span, such as the place under a desk or the toilet. Try your best to curl up your body and protect your head. After making sure the first earthquake is over, you should run away as soon as possible. If you are buried in the ruins of the buildings, you should calm down and help yourself to get out. If you are unable to get out by yourself, you should husband your energy, gather water and food for survival. What's more, you should keep hitting the things to make a noise, which would help you to be found by the rescuers.

The Hurricane Disaster
Staying indoors is the best choice when you are facing a hurricane. If you are driving, you should leave your car and get inside a building. In the building, you should fasten all the doors and windows. And you should stay away from the doors and windows, or not you might be hurt by the broken glass. What's more, the first floor is a good choice to hide, because the roof of the building might be turned over by the hurricane. Last but not least, you need to wear thick clothes, no matter how many miles you have run before, it would protect you from the sudden temperature drop.

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