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It has been more than half a year since the coronavirus was discovered by human. Because a lot of reasons, we are still unable to stop the spreading of virus. Even the whole world is still in the period of pandemic. Nowadays, we are unable to know when will we end this pandemic, which is a big challenge to human. For protecting ourselves and our families in a better way, we need to do something. At least we are able to raise people’s awareness of protecting themselves by the awareness wristband.

For staying alive, we have to go outside for buying foods and the daily necessities. When we are unwell, we have to go to the hospital to seek medical advice. The longer time we stay in the place people are gathering, the higher probability to be infected with the virus. What can we do to protect ourselves if we have to go outside? Using the personalized souvenirs to remind us how to protect ourselves during the pandemic!

1. Five Preparations Before Going Outside

When we have to go buying the daily necessities in the supermarket, we cannot do as what we do before. Before the pandemic, if we want to go shopping in a supermarket, we only need to bring the wallet and keys. Now, we should do some preparations. We call them the Five Preparations Before Going Outside. They are measuring body temperature, make a shopping list, wear a face mask, glove yourself and prepare the hand sanitizer. Order some personalized wristband to design with these five preparations on them. So that you can use them to remind your families and friends.

Order the personalized ref magnet souvenir, and then put it on the conspicuous position on the door. So that it can remind you to do the preparation when you are opening the door. For example, you can design the custom button with the illustration of clinical thermometer. Each time you when you are ready to open the door, you would not forget to measure body temperature. It is benefited to stop spreading virus.

And when we are measuring body temperature, we can make the shopping list at the same time. So that it can reduce the time of staying in the supermarket, which would lower the possibility of infecting with the virus. There are some people would design the mask on the custom photo buttons, this kind of design can warn them wearing mask when they are getting outside.

Why should we wear the disposable gloves and bring the hand sanitizer? They are used to avoiding bringing the virus back home.

2. Keep Social Distance With Others On The Way

When you are walking on the street, you should wear the mask well at any time. A moment of comfortable is not deserved to pay the precious life. Prefer to spend more time on the way, rather than getting too close with others. The social distance is necessary to you. When you see a person hasn’t wearing the mask, you should try your best to keep away from him. When there is a stranger coming to you, you can show your social distance wristband and social distance button. So that the stranger would know if you want to keep social distance or not.

When you are going to take a taxi, it is much necessary to wear the mask well. If it is possible, you should reduce communication on the car. If it is okay, you should roll down all the windows, so that you can make sure the inside air is circular. Don’t forget to ask for an invoice before getting off the taxi, so that if the passenger before is confirmed, you can seek medical advice as soon as possible. The early stage of the sick can be treated with the minimum costs. After you are getting off, cleaning your hands by your hand sanitizer. It can avoid the virus pollute your body. Normally, the drivers would hang the custom button pins with the tips of washing hands.

3. Shopping Followed The List

When you are shopping in the supermarket, you should find out the merchandises as soon as possible. The prepared list can help you find merchandises easier, which means that you can make the payment and leave soon. Because the supermarket is the place with high concentration of people and large personnel mobility. These are the reasons why some charity organizations would sell the cheap personalized souvenirs for fundraising near the supermarket. And these custom made souvenirs are all designed with the awareness of keeping social distance.

Why should you prepare a disposable glove when you are going outside? Because you are inevitably to touch the places and things. You have no idea which one was touched by others, but if you wear gloves, you can avoid the contact infection to some extent. Of course, if you are ready to go back home, you should drop it off the dustbin after cleaning it by hand sanitizer. So that it would not infect the person who clean the dustbin.

4. Safeguard Procedures In Office

For earning money to survival, we have to work in the offices for a long time. What can we do to protect ourselves? Firstly, we should measure body temperature each day. This would help us find out the infected person near us. And the close contacts would have the medical observation for stopping spreading the virus. Secondly, we should wear the face masks correctly. Even thought we are in the office and communicate with the same people every day, we should wear the mask well. So that it can prevent the virus spreading through droplet transmission and airborne transmission. Thirdly, the windows and doors should be opened for keeping the air circulating inner office. The flowing air would lower the concentration and density of the virus in the office, which would make you difficult to be infected by the virus.

The companies can use the personalized buttons to remind their staffs about the importance of wearing mask and keeping the air circulating. Only when the staffs are having the healthy bodies, they can bring more profits to the company. At the same time, we are able to utilize the motivational wristband and inspirational wristbands to encourage the staffs doing the daily exercises. The strong body can make us having a better immunizing power to against virus.

5. Strengthen The Body, Fight Back Virus

The suitable exercise each day can build our bodies and enhance our immunity power. Strengthen our bodies can help us to fight back the virus. We can use the sport silicone wristband to encourage people doing exercise every day. There are some common sports rubber wristbands in our lives. Such as the basketball rubber wristbands, baseball silicone bracelets and football silicone wristbands.

How would you utilize the custom souvenirs to protect yourself during the pandemic? Nowadays, all humans are having the tough fight with virus. The medical personnel and the medical scientific researchers are leading people to break through the siege of the virus. As one of the human, the only thing we can do is doing well the preventative measures. The fewer patients is the biggest help to the medical personnel.

Come customizing your personalized keepsakes to raise people’s awareness of preventing virus infection.