Keep Social Distance During 'Trick or Treat'

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Get closer to the Halloween by one sentence, which sentence will you speak out?

The deepest impression of the Halloween is 'Trick or Treat'. Since All Saints’ Day from the Middle Ages, this activity is continuing by people. At the beginning, people used the Soul Cakes to treat the children for their prayer. Nowadays, people are using the candies to treat the children. No matter the soul cakes or the candies, the 'Trick or Treat' is the traditional activity of celebrating All Saints’ Day. The ringing knocks at the door and the children’s sounds of 'Trick or Treat' make the cities bustling. The parents are standing on the roads, they are looking after their kids and chat with others at the same time. Their friendship is growing better.

While on the Halloween 2020, it is unavoidable to be cold and cheerless. We only have two months before Halloween 2020. On the basis of the prediction from WHO, we still need to keep the social distance when we are celebrating the Halloween 2020. The kids are not able to say 'Trick or Treat' before neighbor’s door. They are not able to attended by crowd in the coming Halloween. What’s more, for preventing be infected by the virus, even the ghost costumes are wearing the face masks. Without the sound of 'Trick or Treat' and the laughter from kids, the Halloween is as same as a normal night as usual. It seems like Jack losing his pumpkin lamp and the turnip lamp, and he is not able to find out the right way back the world.

Although the Halloween is important to us, we are not able to forget threaten from the virus. We should know precious of life when we are inheriting the traditional culture. No matter what happen, we should never forget to keeping social distance with others, especial when we are in the crowd. How can we remind people to keep social distance during the time of 'Trick or Treat'?

The custom silicone wristband and custom button pins are coming in handy. In the past Halloween, some event organizers were sending the custom silicone bracelet, Halloween lanyard and personalized button pins as gift on their Halloween activities. So that they can raise the popularity of the brand. Why can’t we use these custom souvenirs in this Halloween?

You can design your Halloween Horror Nights Souvenirs on the basis of these personalized buttons and custom wristband. The simplest design is adding the design elements of social distance wristband on the common Halloween wristband. For example, you can use the 'no contact', 'elbows only' or the 'handshakes' on the wristbands in Halloween style. So that it is convenient to others knowing that you want to keep social distance in the 'Trick or Treat' operations. After they’re seeing your wristbands, they would not get too close to you.

The pumpkin buttons are the common Halloween button in our lives. Because most designs on the custom photo buttons are able to produce correctly. The other personalized souvenirs are not cheap and convenient as the button pin. Make your own buttons with 'Treat or Trick', so that the kids can wear them on the clothes. It doesn’t need the children’s words, the adults would know that the kids are knocking the door. So that it can lower the possibility of spreading the virus by droplet transmission. You also can order the personalized ref magnet souvenir. So that the adults can see the custom button on the door frame.

Halloween is the happy hour to the kids. If it is okay, we should try our best to let kids enjoy these moments to enrich their childhood. But remember to keep social distance during 'Trick or Treat'! If you want to order the cheap personalized souvenirs for your kids, come to design the custom made buttons and personalized wristbands Now! There are 100 PCS free same design wristbands for the order over 100 PCS wristbands.