Social Distance Wristband

- Design It With Color Psychology

When you are going to hold an exhibition & event, the social contact wristbands can help you to release the worries from the participators. There are many people would worry about how to keep safe from COVID-19 when they are making the decision of whether to participate. Some of them hope to keep social distance with others no matter when and where they are. But some are not. If you prepare the social contact wristbands for them and note the meanings of different color wristbands on the invitation letters, they will be relieved to make the decision.

“If someone is uncomfortable with the way you approach them, it might lead to a disconnection that could have potentially been a great contact or business or personal relationship” Haller said.

The personalized souvenir, like the customized wristband, it always needs to be designed with the colour psychology. For example, we use the red wristband to stand for ‘I want to keep the social distance with you’. It is not only because the red color is more attractive, but also because the red color is able to make others having the mental stress. So that the red wristband can warn others silently.

We are not strangeness to the yellow wristband, because the livestrong wristband is known by many people. When people are asked “What is yellow wristband?”, most of them would tell you “It is the Nike livestrong bracelet” or “It is the livestrong yellow bracelet” firstly. But now it has more meanings. Because the yellow light is the transitional light between Red light and Green light in the traffic light system. When people see these colors at the same time, they would automatically think that the yellow one is not as serious as the red, but more serious than the green. This is the reason why we would use the yellow wristband to tell others that we can have some simple social contacts but not too close.

The green color is standing for safe and passable. So we use the green wristband to tell others the social contact behavior is acceptable. It is not like the liver cancer awareness bracelets and the non Hodgkin’s lymphoma awareness bracelets, they are used for raising people’s awareness of diseases. The green rubber bracelet of the social distance wristbands is standing for the things we can do in this epidemic.

Therefore, we should design the personalized souvenir items on the basis of psychological effects of color. So that the souvenirs would bring your activity a better effect