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In many tourist attractions, because the paper tickets are the passes of each amusement facility, people have to always take the paper ticket in their hands, which would make them inconvenient. Almost all couples are hoping that they can keep the tickets of the tourist attractions they had gone. So that the tickets could be the witnesses of their love. Because their tickets would be checked again and again by different staffs, they would be damaged seriously. People would not want to keep them anymore. How can we solve these problems?

When the tourists are enjoying their moments, it is a bad idea to bother them for checking their tickets. Why not upgrade your ticket for the customer? Upgrade the ticket doesn’t need the expensive equipment, the cheap custom wristbands are suitable to you. Utilize these custom wristbands to replace the paper ticket, the tourists can get into your tourist attraction by these silicone wristbands. And the staffs are not needed to ask the tourist for checking ticket. They will find out the customized silicone wristband is worn on the wrist of the tourist. So that they can open the entryway for the guests in advance, which would let guests feel at home. These cheap silicone wristbands are able to design and order from Topwristband.

Except for the custom silicone bracelets, you also can order other kinds of personalized souvenirs at Topwristband, such as the personalized button pins and personalized jewelry. To the tourists, the personalized silicone bracelets are more convenient and more secure. Therefore, we suggest you to update the paper ticket into personalized rubber bracelets. What’s more, you can change the design of these rubber bracelets on the basis of your requirements. It will always make your tickets having the matching style of the theme of your tourist attractions.

No matter your customers are climbing the mountain or running on the beach, the silicone wristband is difficult to fall off and are waterproof. What’s more, when someone need help, they can shake the wristbands to catch your attention. After they’re going back, they could get a complete souvenir of your tourist attraction. They are not like the paper tickets, people would not throw them away. Because the beautiful design of them would make people think of the happy hours.

The Wristband In Wedding Ceremony

All couples are all want these happiness days to be a commemorative day in their lives. There are many tourist attractions sending out silicone wristbands to their guests who hold these parties. So that they can commemorate these happy hours with their customers.

When their friends are watching their wedding pictures, they are inevitably to see these personalized wedding souvenirs. It is not only able to establish a good image of the tourist attraction, but also can make it popular. When more and more couples are taking the wedding pictures in the tourist attraction, it will be popular on the Internet. There are more and more people would come here especially. This is the effect of personalise wedding souvenirs, why not promote the tourist attraction by custom souvenirs?

What if your customers are prefer to celebrate before the wedding? If you know about it before, you can order the customized silicone wristbands on our website. But not let them know. Send them the souvenirs you design for them when they are celebrating. It would be a surprise gift to them.

But in 2020, we are not able to hold the wedding party as before. We should respect the guests who are hoping to keep social distance with others. How can we let the guests know if the other persons want to keep the social distance? So that it would reduce a lot of misunderstandings. In this situation, the color coded wristband is useful to you. You can name your wedding as social distancing wristbands wedding. It will attract people’s attention.

You can put the social distancing bracelets on the table at the entrance, and using the striking texts to let guests know what are the meaning of the colored wristbands. The red rubber bracelet means the wearer is keeping his/her distance. The yellow rubber bracelet means the wearer is okay for communication but not touching. And the green rubber bracelet means that the wearer is okay with hugs or handshaking.

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