Put Heads Together For Epidemic Prevention of Tokyo Olympic

  • The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games were postponed for a year, which is going to have the Torch Relay Ceremony. It means that the Tokyo Olympic Games will be held in July 2021. All humans have expected it for a year! However, all over the world are facing the threat of the pandemic. What can the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee do to achieve the goal of epidemic prevention? The number of spectators is limited. Require wear a face mask. Can they remind people of keeping social distance by customized souvenirs?
  • There are a lot of people thinking that the awareness wristband can only have the limited effect of attracting people’s attention to it - ‘No one would see this little custom wristband’. Absolutely, if you put this awareness wristband on the hands of the passers-by, there is no one who would notice the message on the social distance wristband. But it would be different when you design these awareness wristbands as Olympic souvenirs. Because the performers and participants would wear these personalized silicone wristbands in the opening ceremony. The design of these awareness wristbands would catch people’s attention through live TV. If you have a wonderful design for it, these awareness wristbands might be a kind of fashion trend.
  • The awareness wristband can raise people’s awareness of anti-epidemic measures. But it doesn’t seem to work for the epidemic prevention of the Olympic Games. You can use the social distance wristband to remind the participants of keeping social distance. You can gift social distance wristbands to each participant, and require them to wear these personalized silicone wristbands. The touching between wristbands and their wrists would keep reminding them to keep distance from others. The conspicuous design of social distance wristband could make the participants see it easily. This is the effect of the social distance wristband on an activity.
  • If you think that it is inconvenient to read the message on the wristband, which is worn on people’s wrists. It is not able to remind others to keep distance. To fix this problem, you can design your own buttons on Topwristband. To combine the style of the Tokyo Olympics, you can create your own button pin with the theme of social distance. These personalized button pins can be put on the participant’s clothes by the pin back of it. When people are getting closer, they would see these warnings of social distance in the easy way. These personalized button pins can make the warning of keeping social distance everywhere on the venue.
  • These Tokyo Olympic souvenirs are having their unique effects! We can use these custom souvenirs to transmit the Olympic Motto - “Swifter, Higher, Stronger” to all over the world! What’s more, we can utilize these awareness wristbands to raise money for countries with poor medical technology. Because of the low price of custom souvenirs, people are able to buy these Olympic souvenirs through the official website. It would be helpful to the medical career of underdeveloped countries.
  • Editor: Topwristband