Children’s Books Week: A Stepping Stone To Success

Ushinski said“Books are the treasure house of human thought.”

In 1967, the IBBY set International Children’s Book Day on April 2nd, which date is the birthday of Hans Christian Andersen. Set this day is for awakening people’s interest in reading and people’s attention to children’s books. Some educational institutions for children would hold activities on this day to encourage kids to fall in love with reading. And they will gift participants their custom event wristbands to promote the concept of reading. What’s more, some charity organizations would sell custom wristbands to raise money to buy books for the kids in poverty-stricken areas.

A lot of schools would hold activities with the theme of children’s books week to encourage children to fall in love with reading. Parents and kids in Australia are familiar with these activities. Each August, the Book Week Parade is the children’s major purpose of reading. In this parade, people are able to dress up as the characters of the book they read. And only when the kids read the books carefully can they act the character as alive.

This is one method of training children to have an interest in reading. But we cannot let kids have the wrong concept like, “Reading is only for taking part in the activity”. We should let children having a reading interest in their daily lives. So that they would read books on their own initiatives.

When you are holding the activity with the theme of book week, you can prepare some custom rubber bracelets, which are used as the custom souvenirs of these activities. You should use the thematic designs on these silicone wristbands, such as the wisdom about the necessary of reading. You can printed these quotes on the silicone wristbands. Never make light of children’s memories, they will keep remembering these sentences. The children with high motivation would remember these quotes and practice reading in their lives. Children are all the performers of the effect of sheep flock. More and more kids would follow them to fall in love with reading. This is the reason why we suggest you to print the quotes on the rubber wristbands.

An your activity of book week, you can prepare a Game Time for kids by utilizing these wristbands with a message. So that children can have deeper comprehension about the importance of reading. We had said that we could utilize the quote to design a bracelet for the kid. After children get their own custom rubber wristbands, let them try their best to remember more quotes from other wristbands in a fixed time. When time is up, children can exchange prizes on the basis of the quotes they remember. So that it is not only able to deepen children’s impression of reading’s importance, but also can train their memory ability.

If you are good at photography, you can utilize the personalized button pins to deepen children’s impression of these activities. When they are enjoying the book week parade, you can take a beautiful picture of each kid. Save the characters they are acting in the picture. And then, you can design these pictures on the cheap pin badges and give them to each participant of the activity. When they see their custom button pins, they will think of the importance of reading.

If you are able to design these custom button pins on the basis of child psychology, children are willing to make these custom picture buttons as a kind of decorations on their clothes. If you want to buy satisfactory custom button pins, you should find a trustworthy button pins maker to produce for you. So that it can avoid having inferior products which would protect children from accidental injury.

As the company having the strict requirements of product quality, is not only requires factories to make quality testing for the products. We also would make quality testing for each product before arranging shipping them out. To the substandard products, they were all destroyed and we will arrange re-produce. So that we can try our best to make the customers satisfied with our products.

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