Veterans Day: To Be The Best of The Best

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‘To be the best of the best’

Each time I am watching the soldier recruitment video, this sentence is always on my mind. As if I go back to 1986 when I was watching the film Top Gun. Seems like I am watching Maverick is going from confidence to depression and come back as hero finally. The sense of mission to protect our country is produced of itself in my mind. This sense of mission is making us having the dream of being the best of the best. We all know that not all people can be the hero. As the normal people in this world, we can use the custom photo buttons and personalized rubber bands to salute these heroes.

Why people would do these things coincidentally? In these commemorative activities, the memorial button pins are always printed with the pictures about the theme of activity. On Veterans Day, the personalized photo buttons of most activities are related to the soldiers. In the activities with the theme of defending the motherland, the custom button pins would usually use the picture of showing the lofty sentiments and aspirations from soldiers’ minds. When people are watching these custom pinback buttons, they will have a deeper understanding to the soldiers feelings. It is benefit to the activity about Veterans Day.

Except for the personalized button pin, some custom awareness bracelets will appear on the activity with the theme of soldier. Some custom elastic wristbands are printed with a date - November 11, 1918, which is used to commemorate the people who were sacrificing for the peace in the WWI. And some rememberance wristbands are designed with the theme of poppy. The logo of red poppy is standing for the WWI, which bring people’s attention back to the Flanders Field in Belgium. And these custom elastic bracelets in the activity on Veterans Day are reminding people the cruelty of war. This exactly is the purpose and significance of these activities.

Since the end of World War II, the worldwide is in the status of relative peace. The contradictions are still existed between countries. These contradictions are always resulted in the military operations on both sides. The military operations would lead to the soldiers are injured and sacrificing. This is the reason why the teams of ex-soldiers would raise funds on this day. Some organizations would raise funds by selling the paper poppies, and some organizations would sell bracelets for fundraising. Most organizations are holding these charity activities for helping the soldiers and their families who are injured from the war.

These organizations are always preparing the cheap personalized souvenirs, such as design own pin badge or the military silicone bracelets. On the Veterans Day, they will divide into different teams. They will go forward after the procession of parade, so that they can sell the personalized souvenirs to the people. This is the way how do they raise money for the soldiers and their families.

And there are some organizations for Anti-war would hold the thematic activities on this day, so that people can know more about wars. And it is doing the preparation for the Anti-war activities in the future. In this day, they will gift custom pin badge and custom rubber bands to promote their concept to more people. On the surfaces of these custom picture buttons and personalised rubber bands, you are easy to find out the anti-war logos. When people are wearing these personalized souvenirs in their lives, the concept of anti-war would be spread and developed in people’s minds.

The Veterans Day is coming soon, do you want to design your own button pins and custom made rubber bands for the soldiers?

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