Souvenirs Encouraging Social Distancing in Wedding

The best wedding is not always the royal wedding ceremony, it also can come from the unexpected idea and the preparation of the details. If you are able show your originality and prepare well for the guests in your wedding ceremony, you could leave a deep impression to your guests. No matter there are not too much difference with others’ wedding ceremonies.

In 2020, if we are going to hold a wedding ceremony, we should think about how could we make the guests keeping social distance firstly. The second thing is how to make the wedding ceremony more impressive. We have mentioned using the social distancing wristband to remind people keeping social distance. We also can use the customized wristbands as the wedding souvenir for guests.

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In the wedding ceremony today, we can prepare some personalized bracelets for the guests in advance. Such as the green wristband, red wristbands and the yellow wristband. You can put these custom wristbands at the entrance of the wedding ceremony. Use the text board to introduce the different meanings of the custom rubber bracelets in this ceremony. You can design the red rubber bracelet with the theme of ‘No Contact’, which is standing for the wearer want to keep the 6 ft distance with others. You can design the yellow rubber bracelet with the theme of ‘Communication in Distancing’, which is standing for the wearer is okay with talking but not touching. Design the green rubber bracelet with the theme of ‘hugs & handshakes’, which is standing for the wearer is okay with a hug and high-five with others.

When the guests see the color of custom silicone bracelets on others wrists, they will know the social distance they can accept. So that their willing of social distance will be respected by others. And this will help to reduce the discomfort of your guests in the wedding ceremony. This is the effect of the red yellow green bracelet in your wedding, your guests will be more comfortable because of it.

In the past activities, there are another custom souvenirs always used in the activities. People would always design some personalized lanyards for different activities. Can we prepare the social distancing lanyard for the wedding ceremony during pandemic? We have discussed the usages of custom lanyard, how can we use these customized lanyards in the wedding?

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The champagne and light refreshments are necessary to the wedding site. We are not suggesting setting the bar counter during the pandemic. Because it will attract people to stay in a same place, which might lead to the virus transmission. You can arrange some professional waiters to provide these things to the guests. And you can design the yellow lanyard as the staff lanyard. So that when your guests want to have the champagne or light refreshments, they can get it from the waiters easily.

If you are good at handwriting, you can design the custom jewelry as the best wedding souvenirs for guests. You can design the name of female guests on the engraved necklace, and gifting them the custom name necklace in your ceremony. It will make your wedding something different. What’s more, you can prepare some custom photo buttons for your male guests. These custom picture button pins will be a shining point in your ceremony.

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