About Custom Jewelry

    Do you want to order the personalized charm bracelets? On Topwristband, you are not only able to order the handwriting bracelet, you also can design a personalized necklace pendants. You can add the crystal or the wing on it, both of them are great ideas. Your custom engraved bracelets will be more pretty and more charming. If you are preferred to the necklace with name, you can design it as the pendant of the necklace.
    Pick The Color You Wanted
    First of all, you should choose the metal color of the pendant and the chain. The golden color or the stainless steel color? Which one do you prefer to?

    The GOLD COLOR is the color with the most brilliant sheen. Because the value of gold, the gold color has the meaning of resplendent, holy and reputation. The necklace/bracelet with the gold color would bring out the nobleness of wearer.

    The STAINLESS STEEL COLOR is closed to the color of silver. It seems not luxury as the gold color, but the jewelry in stainless steel color could lead people the feeling of trustworthy.

    Select The Length of Chain
    After deciding the color of the necklace/bracelet, you should think about the chain of it. Before knowing more about the chain of custom necklace/custom engraved bracelet, you should know one thing about it. The color of the chain will be as same as the color of the pendant you chose.

    When you are deciding the length of the chain, you can decide it on the basis of your situation. You can choose one option of the length from four lengths. you can make the decision after knowing which cloth you want to match with the necklace/bracelet.
    Decide The Pendant
    No matter the color of the necklace/bracelet or the length of the chain, all of them are the basic requirements of the custom jewelry. The next important thing is deciding the shape of the pendant.

    How can we choose the shape from the Flat Round, Heart, Oval and Rectangle shapes? If you want to engrave the name of someone, we suggest you choosing the Flat Round and Oval shapes. If you need to engrave a memorable date about love on the pendant, you can choose the Heart shape or the Rectangle shape. No matter which shape of pendant is c hosen by you, don’t forget to choose the size of the pendant. If there are many things should be engraved on the pendant, you should choose the bigger size.
    About The Findings
    It is the optional accessory of the necklace/bracelet. If you want a more beautiful jewelry, you can choose the Rhinestone or the Decorated Pendant. Nowadays, we provide twelve types Rhinestones and the wing pendant to add on the jewelry.
    How To Design Your Pendant?
    If you already have the design of the pendant, you can upload your design on our website directly. If you haven’t, you can leave us the message. Our designers will send you a visual image of the pendant. If you have any special requirements, you can mention it in the input box of “Order Comments / Special Request”